Native Artists Online- October Special: Halloween & Fall Color 2019 Edition

BEADS! This special all-month edition is packed full of beautiful beads, birch bark, ribbon shirts and more.

Since this series started with the work of Wapshkankwet this article will too- she has a wonderful series of Halloween inspired work, some in collaboration with @devilishgrin000
And speaking of this dynamic duo…

Remember her fabulous beaded Frankenstein from the August edition of this series? Well his bride has arrived

(Scroll through her inst & you will find more beaded monsters & see the entire process of her beading work on Frankenstein from start to finish)

Got prints for your year-round Halloween moods? Before you head over to Wapshkankwet’s Insta (@melancholynow on IG) check out the work of her favorite collaboration partner @devilishgrin000

Then when you’re done exploring Wapshkankwet’s Insta scroll through @pandamoonxo tweets, they are filled with Halloween treats like this one-

Need some fall color to boost your favorite looks? Check out these gorgeous birchbark earrings from @courtnaaye – love that blast of sky blue, they look like a perfect fall day

@iamlakotak has some amazing fall color work to complete your fall wardrobe too

These adorable birchbark hearts from @UrFavRezCouple will pair well with fall boots

And be sure to follow @IndigenousBeads to find a new Indigenous beader every week

But back to Halloween…

Special shout-out to’s favorite OHF (official Halloween Fanatic) @NANxox2_WOKE for helping me find so many great Halloween treats!

Finally, instead of the regular Native Arts term we usually end with I thought a tutorial from @ChelseyMooner might be a nice treat for this special month-long edition, so if you’re feeling inspired by all these beautiful colors and designs you can try your hand at making a ribbon skirt to match those new earrings you’re about to grab!

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