Our beginning

NTVTWT was born on Twitter. Amongst the millions of users exists a broad Indigenous community of #NativeTwitter. NTVTWT aims to collect news, trends, issues that affect our communities and cultures, and much more. The site and social media are meant to be a collection of what’s important to our Indigenous family and allies and give an outlet for us to express opinion, information, culture, humor and much more.

Contributions are encouraged. Opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of NTVTWT. On Twitter, tag @NTVTWT or use the hashtag #ntvtwt.

Currently we have a small, volunteer staff. If you’re interested in contributing to web development, graphic design or more, please check out the Contact page.

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Ali Watson is Oglala Lakota and Choctaw, Oklahoma. She has been on Twitter since 2009. Originally, she used it for promoting Japanese rock and Visual Kei music. The majority of her social media time outside Twitter was devoted to a Jrock website. However, catching moments of cultural appropriation or trying to educate about it now and then was something of a lonely endeavor until discovering #NativeTwitter. For the last year, Ali has followed issues that arise and felt that a website to consolidate information specifically for Twitter might be beneficial. It could make finding past topics easier and provide an archive in a way that can’t be achieved in Twitter alone. While still promoting Japanese rock music, Ali plans on continuous development of both. For more information on her work in the Japanese music industry, please click on her name to view her portfolio.


Mickey Barrett

Mickey (CM) Barrett- @eagleselatis is mixed race Tsalagi and Muskogee and a retired educator and museum director now working as a full time artist and writer. Her first show was a collection of paintings and mixed media photography at Colburn's Iron-Age Gallery in 1996, since then her art has been shown on three continents. Working as a metal-smith, painter, graphic designer, print maker, animator, textile and multimedia artist she continues to create fine art while also working as a graphic designer with organizations, like and , that help move the greater Indigenous community forward. She also volunteers as a state chapter admin for Native Cry.



An Every Day Indigenous voice on Twitter. From the every day discussions around #NativeTwitter ranging from serious to funny and even personal. Wapshankwet joins us as our Social Media correspondent.

More info coming soon.