Lacrosse team reported racism in Dakota league, expelled

Deadspin shared a story of a number of majority Native players in three Lacrosse teams in a Dakota league who shared instances of racism. Subsequently, the league expelled the three teams. Read the article here on Deadspin. Three native teams booted out of a lacrosse league by white officials. The teams aren’t allowed to play … Read more

Maine West HS mascot

At the end of March, Illinois high school Maine West featured a ‘passing of the warbonnet’ type ceremony with one student giving the next a pale blue faux Plains style headdress. #NativeTwitter was quick on it and very soon after, some of the high school’s Twitter accounts either blocked Native and ally accounts or went … Read more

Jaxx Layne’s Boutique and Rail Three Ranch

Cultural appropriation by non-Natives is not something new. It’s something that Natives have tried educating about for decades. Sometimes some people or businesses ‘get it’. Many times, that’s not the case. As with Jaxx Layne’s Boutique. Example: Purse was $48!! Now $25!!!! 😎 — Jaxx Layne’s Boutique (@JaxxLayne) March 28, 2018 I support real … Read more