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Just-a-bully Sarah

By ali | May 11, 2020

Update 7/9/2020. Over a year. I have said this numerous times and I express that with as much frustration now as when it kept going and going and going. On this point, I’m sure Sarah is out there somewhere tittering about all of it. New handle is @eatmyassbitxh, by the way. For over a year, … Read more

There is a sense of helplessness…

By ali | August 22, 2018

There is a sense of helplessness that comes with knowing that something you’ve tried has failed. I’ve been in a position to reach out to certain artists and for the most part, nothing comes of trying to educate about cultural appropriation. I’d stopped reaching out to tattoo artists when responses from them were often aggressive … Read more


By ali | August 9, 2018

Thank you for taking the time to check out and my blog here. Entries are longer than would be feasible for a tweet or a tweet thread. I hope to share with you thoughts, tidbits about my family and important issues in urban and reservation life. As many things in between as well. A … Read more