Mikkkaela Br’erPaws: a failed pretendian who’s never been to the Rez (probably)

Image from Twitter account @MikaelaPaw

On March 16th, a tweet from the account Turning Point USA made a bold claim that ‘if you want to see an example of failed socialism, visit an Indian reservation’. It included a video tagging the account @/MikaelaPaw. It also included a truncated video of Russel Means, a well known figure, saying those quoted words. The thing is, it wasn’t his thoughts being expressed but a snippet of a larger quote that Mikeala Bear Paw and/or TPUSA intentionally twisted to fit the narrative they’re trying to Flavor-ade us with.

In the 4 minute video, Mikaela identifies herself as a member of a Southern California tribe but has refused to name which one. One excuse is that her tribe must remain politically neutral. Another is that it’s under an agreement with her tribal council. Something that can’t be corroborated because there’s no tribe to ask. One of the originating tweets:

A look at the replies will give a good indication of what Natives and non-Natives had to say about this. It’s a good example as to the level of ignorance -including the pretendian Mikaela- have about Native Americans in the past and present.

Monies from the United States government to Native nations are part of treaty agreements, not welfare or handouts. Mind you, the United States government broke every treaty they made between them and our nations, too. Indian reservations are not failed examples of socialism. They were concentration camps that we were left on post-genocide. To suggest that they’re failed experiments of socialism is to say that we chose these conditions. A very tone deaf and revisitionist view of history.

If you live near a reservation, here’s one of our many like-minded racist neighbors who are proud of their racism. Somehow this one thinks that we have more rights, yet our poverty and existence still puts us beneath them? “And then some”? Examples, please.

There were some good ones in here too though.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate that after being called out as fake Natives, Pretendians seem to enjoy calling out Elizabeth Warren out as fake. It boggles the mind. Perhaps it’s a misdirected attempt at solidarity, but it’s hilarious to see. #KayaJoke does it too.

Who exactly is Mikaela Bear Paw? It didn’t take long for #NativeTwitter to pull up numerous avenues of her past and out her as a pretendian fraud like so many others that we come across. Here’s some info on Mikaela through websites and social media.

For a while, the Mikaela account went private as more info about her background surfaced.

Bear Paw tribal citizen. Have fun with that one.

A very excellent thread with more images in it. Open to view the rest:

On March 18th, Mikaela was back public on Twitter! With a new and amusing message.

If any legal matter of identity needed to be established regarding enrollment, that would be… tribal court. Yet she won’t name a tribe, so weird argument there.

By now, much of #NativeTwitter had spread information about her being a pretendian and shared information.

#NativeTwitter always finds out.

Finally, a thread with information and links about Mikkkaela Br’erPaws. Currently, her Twitter and Instagram are still active though her traffic has seemed to dramatically decreased after being outed.

For our Navajo and Hopi fam, please be aware that this fraud is coming for you. Look into her background and true intentions because everything she’s said so far has been revisionist or outright false.

Finally, for someone who wants you to believe she’s a champion for Native Americans, she’s shown herself to be a conspiracy theorist too.

Unrelated, but damned interesting.

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  1. Regarding the quote from Russell Means, which is drawn from a magnificent speech that he held in 1989, he paraphrase James G. Watt, former Secretary of the Department of the Interior, to support his argument, he is totally in agreement with what this quote says, it was an inherent part of his thought that denounces the governmental interventionism of socialist essence in the affairs of the Indians and tend to the Make it economically dependent.

    And this interventionism is one of the worst policies that has been conducted in the United States. it is vigorously denounced by many native Americans.

    Whoever that woman is, she says the truth, concerning this problem.

    And she is not the only one to do it, and it has been a long time since it was denounced.

    Nicolas Carras – Creator, artist, poet.


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